Virtual study visit and thematic workshop in Bretagne: 4 Breton e-health good practices disseminated among Europe !

On november 26, Biotech Santé Bretagne organised a virtual study visit and a thematic workshop with european partners in order to promote e-health regional innovations. Indeed, e-health innovation is very dynamic in Bretagne. It sustains acustomer-oriented health services (patients and professional users). E-health technologies help facilitating communication between health professionals or between doctors and their patients. These practices notably enables medical teleconsultation, which is essential in the present sanitary context. Four examples of this regional e-health know-how have been presented to European stakeholders within the INTENCIVE project(*). In Bretagne, Biotech Santé Bretagne is managing the project; the Regional Council of Bretagne and the GCS e-Santé Bretagne are regional partners involved in order to sustain the development of e-health practices and to engage users in a collective regional project.

e-KerMed, the regional portal for telemedecine offer in Bretagne

Supported by GCS e-Santé Bretagne , e-KerMed is the portal for telemedecine services offer in the Region. It enables health professionals to look for the good offer in tele-consultation, tele-expertise or tele-assistance.

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Telemedecine at Pôle Saint-Hélier (chronic wounds)

Pôle Saint-Hélier has developed a telemedecine offer, notably in the field of chronic wounds, enabling to bring health professionals expertise to the patients’ home or to retirement homes. With Covid crisis, this offer was also extended to other medical fields of expertise.

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REHAB Lab (Kerpape) : 3D printing for the benefit of disabled patients

Kerpape rehabilitation centre created a « rehab lab » which enables disabled patients to co –create their own technical assistance thanks to 3D printing.

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Innovative medical care program for the prevention of new suicide attempt (Universitary Hospital of Brest)

This regional program has implemented a web application with an algorithmic system to tailor surveillance and brief contact information provisions to individuals discharged from Hospital after a suicide attempt in order to prevent new suicide attemps. The application was developed by company.

Thematic workshop on e-health innovation ecosystems

After the presentation of the 4 good practices, a thematic workshop was organised on the following topic: “e-health innovation ecosystems”. It enabled to discuss the benefits of transnational and interregional action of the Echalliance network (by Gregor Cuzak) and to present Breton and Finnish ecosystems in the field of innovation (Anne-Claude Lefebvre, Biotech Santé Bretagne and Sami Perala, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences).

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Adeline Jacob, European project manager, Biotech Santé Bretagne /

You can view the webinar replay here:

(*)Information on Intencive project :

INTENCIVE project addresses the societal challenge of ageing society combined with decreasing population in rural and other remote areas. There is a dire need for new, accessible and user friendly models, practices and tools for providing different types of high quality health services accessible to all citizens not depending on their age or place of living. Combining technology to the different phases of service processes with emphasis on the customer orientation means re-thinking and re-planning the health services. Objective of INTENCIVE project is to improve the implementation of policies and programs in terms of health technology innovation-driven and customer-oriented health services in the partner regions and influence Regional Strategies. Partners from five regions conduct interregional exchange of experiences in the specific field and introduce into their policies of innovative technologies and services in e-health sector.The project is coordinated by Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia. Partners:Biotech Santé Bretagne (France),Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Pannon Business Network Association (Hungary), Ministry of Gozo (Malta) &  Valdecilla Biomedical Research Centre (Spain).

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Published on 16/12/2020

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