IMPULS project

Innovation in Manufacturers and Production Units in Life Sciences & Nutrition (IMPULS) was a project funded by the Interreg France-Channel-England (FCE) Programme which can help small businesses from South East England and Northern France to get into international markets. It ended in early 2023.

The aim and objective of the project was to help life science and nutrition companies on both sides of the Channel to collaborate, innovate and access international business opportunities.

The project provided a range of activities for businesses on both sides of the Channel including:


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SMEs highlighted that the main benefits in taking part in IMPULS events were:


After the end of project, partners will continue to stay in contact and explore possibilities of finding additional funding or developing projects that would allow organisation of activities that require funding and that would help companies with the internationalisation. 

Furthermore, partners will continue to have an exchange regarding relevant events that each partner would organise in the future, where participation of companies from other regions would be eligible. Companies participated in IMPULS project will be encouraged to reach out to other partnering organisations (either directly or through other partners) if they wish to establishing connections and develop partnerships with companies from that region.

IMPULS will receive a €400,000 European Regional Development Fund grant from the Interreg FCE programme over its lifetime (April 2021 to March 2023).

Partners :

Your contact : Adeline Jacob, European projects manager : adeline[at]