Healthcare sector in Bretagne

Our ambition : Become a leading region in Europe in addressing the healthcare challenges of tomorrow: prevention, prediction, patient empowerment.

Thanks to the strengths and innovation of our region’s healthcare sector, Bretagne ranks among France’s leading regions for its scientific and clinical expertise, and also as a great place to do business.

With committed stakeholders the sector enjoys a high level of R&D investment, and its research in healthcare technologies (imaging and eHealth) is recognised throughout France. As a leading region for R&D into molecular and active agents, Bretagne is going from strength to strength in biotechnologies and health nutrition – it even has healthcare subsidiaries within its agrifood businesses, and not many regions can claim that. Furthermore, our region is highly skilled in liver pathologies, cardiology, neurology and orthopaedics.

Patients and healthcare professionals are at the heart of the sector’s innovation

Today healthcare should be patient-centred and delivered by multidisciplinary medical teams co-operating together. Translational research, « from research lab to hospital bedside », has been the focus of many pivotal projects across the region.