Full time permanent researcher position in microbiology Rennes / Geneva CDI

Entreprise : Olgram

Type de poste : CDI

Temps de travail : Temps plein

Salaire : dépend du profil

Salaire : PhD

Localisation : Rennes et Geneve

Publié il y a 1 semaine

Context and objectives


Olgram is an early stage biotechnology company that fights against antibiotic resistance by developing 2 programs: i) the discovery and development of new anti-infectives and ii) the development of immunostimulatory molecules based on new chemical entity found in algae. The research activities are organized around 2 research centers, one in Rennes and one in Nantes. The successful candidate will work in Rennes, to understand the mechanism of action of new anti-infectives and create new strains of bacteria. The company has the ambition to strongly grow in the near future and become a leader in the creation of new drugs in the field of anti-infectives.


Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has increased over the past few years, being an important threat for public health (Woolhouse et al., 2016). A challenge in the treatment of bacterial infections, including those caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the selection of dormant ‘persister’ subpopulations that exhibit high levels of tolerance to antibiotics (Conlon et al. 2013). Persisters are non-growing, antibiotic tolerant bacteria within a population of otherwise susceptible cells (Gollan et al, 2019; Balaban et al, 2019). Persisters neither grow nor die in the presence of bactericidal agents and exhibit multidrug tolerance. During infection, pathogens are exposed to stresses in the host and form non-growing persisters that survive both antibiotics and host immune responses, thereby most likely contributing to the relapse of many infections. Since ageing of persister cells in a hostile environment favor accumulation of mutations, concerns have been raised that persistence and tolerance may lead to the development of resistance. Very few novel classes of antibacterial agents are available to treat patients. There is an urgent need to develop alternative strategies against bacterial pathogens (Cattoir and Felden, 2019).


In that context we discovered new molecules in the sea with new anti-infective property, notably they specifically eliminate persisters. Now the company in collaboration with academic laboratories is looking to further develop those molecules and more specifically it will be the role of the successful candidate to find the mechanism of action, develop and maintain a screening plateform on persistant bacteria, key to further discover new chemical entities and create new medicines.



Location : Rennes (France) and Geneva (Switzerland)

Salary: competitive and depends on the experience of the candidate

Start date : Jan 2022


Selection criteria



  • PhD in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences/Pharmacology or Biology (e.g. microbiology or biochemistry, genetics), (Bio-) physics, or a related discipline (graduation date before project start date)
  • Experience in microbiological techniques/assays, more specifically screening of molecules and genetic manipulation of bacteria
  • Affinity/experience with use of animal handling (not mandatory)
  • Affinity/experience with statistics;
  • Experience in molecular biological techniques (e.g. transformation of strains, qPCR/PCR, sequencing, westernblots);
  • Strong interest in antimicrobial drug research;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills to organize research with both academics and biotechnology company;
  • Good communication (verbal and writing) skills in English; French is a plus but not mandatory.
  • Confirmed capacity to design experiment, write high-level scientific reports and papers;
  • Interested in participating in the life of the laboratory and the company.
  • Independent and creative team player.


When applying, please use the following email subject title: Application_NAME_Ol-P20.1


In your application please also include the following files:

  • A motivation letter (few lines in an email), and references (not necessary letters; persons to contact by email and phone is sufficient in your email).
  • A CV

Applicants will be notified if they are invited for video-conferencing interviews.

Please send your application directly to : Pierre Rocheteau : pierre.rocheteau@olgram.com